Adventure Pack Weekend at Manalmon

Me and a group of urban dwellers decided to check Mt. Manalmon at San Miguel, Bulacan. It all started with me hearing how this place offer a total adventure pack weekend. So we pack our bags, set our tent and wear our trekking shoes.

Travel is by land, we took a Cabanatuan bound bus at Baliwag Transit that will pass through San Miguel. Fare is around Php150 and with travel time of four hours. We were drop off at Brgy. Camias and took a tricycle to take us to the jump-off. Fare is Php250 good for 4pax.

Madlum River

 Upon arrival at the jump-off site, there's a need to cross the Madlum river, paid our registration fee for 5 bucks, took a guide which is required for Php300 per day for a group of ten. But were able to haggle ours since we're 12 in a group.

We started a quick phased trek to reach the summit of Mt. Manalmon. Technically a hill as it only stands at aorund 100+ meters above sea level (MASL), but I don't want to underestimate Manalmon as most of people that are with me are first timers.

River crossing via a bamboo raft

The first part of the trek includes passing thru Madlum Cave and upon exit you will be welcomed by beautiful scenic view rock formations and the stretch of Madlum river.

Near the peak is the second campsite, the first one needs a detour from the trail besides the Madlum River. We decided to continue ascend and just camp on the site near the river.

After an hour we have landed jackpot, we reached the peak and we were welcome by the Sierra Madre Ranges covers the scenic view with, Mt. Arayat,  Tarak Ridge and Mt. Gola still visible.

Mt. Aarayat from afar
After a few picture taking just before sunset we decide to descend back to the river and set camp. Here we prepare our dinner and have a few rounds of GSM blue before heading to sleep.

Campsite by the river
The next morning after breakfast we decided to take a plunge on the river. Our guide Christian told us that we could cliff dive in the rock formation that stands besides the river. So we tried, we build up our guts and jump off the rocks and into the river.  Once we had enough fun from jumping off the cliff and swimming, we prepare our lunch and descent to the jump off point.

Ready to jump!

Not exceeding an hour (minus the picture taking) we reached the jump off. There are a lot a hikers that just going to go up the mountain for a dayhike is also enough to enjoy all the activities in Manalmon.

We rest for a few minutes while some take time to buy souveneirs, eat merianda, and even sing videoke. After being recharged, we ready your headlamps and camera as we'll go spelunking on Bayukbok Caves, a seven stop caves which offer different features. At one point the stalactites glimmers with minerals in the middle of pitch black. There's also a part where the rock formations produces acoustic sounds when being tapped by hands. And at some point a place the called body motion as you'll be crawling and twisting your body just to fit through the cave opening.

Spelunking in Bayukbok Cave
The last leg of the spelunking includes a 12 feet rapelling down the cave. Extreme caution is needed when going spleunking as no protection gears are used.

Into Madlum Cave

If that's not yet enough to your adventure seeking andrenal you may cross the Monkey Bridge hanging around 14 feet from the river. Though we not all of us decided to try it out.

We take a shower at the jump-off site for Php5.00 each then we decided to make a last stop and try a post hike meal at nearby carinderia and enjoy their papaitan soup and other goat dishes.

NOTE: Some photos are credits to my good friend Mhel Tamayo.


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