Bee Farm Bohol all natural healthy quenching food

The best place to get all natural food, my first thought when our guide said "oh, will take you to the bee farm for lunch" my initial thought was "are we gonna be eating honey or worse eating BEES?" but all that was extinguished when I actually got to the sit down restaurants and looked at the men. What I didn't know was that all natural Filipino dishes made with fresh ingredients cultivated in the best way possible like they do at the bee farm can taste INCREDIBLE! As a Filipino I've had my fare share of variants of Sinigang but I'd have to say the best Sinigang I've tasted so far was from the bee farm. All natural ingredients cooked properly can really make a difference in overall flavor of a dish.



  1. Q - So does every cuisine has honey?
    Mukhang masarap talaga, sir!