Return to Peak 2 - Pico de Loro

It was 2009 when I first trek the trails of Mt. Pico de Loro.  The spectacular view from top, the scenic panorama of Cavite and Batangas with it's boastful monolith of rock stands grand in the middle, I fell in love with mountain climbing. As a newbie on this field that day I did what most would not do, conquered the monolith a.k.a. Peak 2.

So five years had passed, I have climbed Pico so many times that I already lost count of it, but I never returned to that tower of rock. My reason: I already conquered it before there's nothing to prove anymore. It was fearful as hell that I never attempted to return. It's like putting your life with one foot on accomplishment and the other on death.

Our recent climb last February of this year I grow [sorry for the word] balls. After a two hour trek we reach the summit and there's that Monolith again proud as ever. I decided to give it another shot.

Return to Peak 2, 2014
Five from our group including me starts to descent on the banks heading to Peak 2. We have no proper roping, protection, caribiners or whatever, just like before only relying on the rope already placed by previous climber. Then it flashed back, back in 2009 I remeber the rope was just made of Abaca around three and a half feet not even covering halfway of the climb to Peak two.

Two guys with me are first timer when in comes to conquering the Peak 2, so I need to show no fear I can control fear. Well I assumed responsibility in way. I was the last guy, making sure everyone crossed the difficult path, no one was left behind.

The trail was not like before, there was still fear of falling unmeasurable feet from where the boulder of rock we lean on stands, but this time I had more courage. I was instructing the guy in front of me what to do, "put your foot here and lean" something like that.

Then there are nine more feet from where we want to go. From here it's rapelling up against the wall of monolith. The rope was better now, it was made of Paracord with knot every eight inches to set as guide to where we need hold. This was the part that used to scare me when my first attempt here.

The one who lead the climb guide us what to do. One hand on rope one hand on the rocks. One foot forward, one hand up and follow the rope. That makes thing easier now.

First ever climb, and first ever Peak 2, 2009
Finally we reached the top of Peak 2. The feeling? Still a sense of accomplishment. Fear was there but not like before maybe it's the sense that you've been there before and already prepared yourself for the part that scared us before.


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