Burot Beach

The expectations you have on a beautiful beach will be set higher when you've been able to witness the likes of Calaguas, Pagudpod or Boracay. Unfortunately these destinations requires long trip that are not easily accessible to weekend warriors, while beaches near Manila would most of the time cannot meet your standards.  But then there is Burot Beach in the tip of Calatagan, Batangas where the shores can be compared to those mentioned above.

How to get here

Public Transport

Celyrosa Bus Lines at Pasay, Rotonda is the only bus that will take you directly up to Calatagan. Asked conductor  to drop you off at Calatagan Public Market. There is also a van in MRT that offers the same trip. Fare is around 200 pesos each. From here you may hire a tricycle to take you to the beach, for 60 pesos each.

Private Transport

From Manila private vehicle can go to Tagaytay City via Aguinaldo Highway or SLEX, continue the road heading to Batangas town of Nasugbu, Tuy, and Calatagan. You may access your GPS device as this is listed in Google Maps for direction, but asking for directions is part of the adventure. You will know that we are near when the road get rough with bodies of water on both sides, the residential are getting thinner, and you already passed by a cemetery.

Burot Beach is a secluded beach that has no electricity, hotels or facilities for accommodation. There are toilets, shower rooms and stores in the beach but don't expect them to be on its best condition.

You can bring tents if you are decided to stay overnight and you can pitch them for free just beside where you park your vehicle, or you may rent a tent in the store for 300 pesos.

They said that this beach is already acquired by Henry Sy, and it is notable with the sign in the gate stating that this is a private property, but still they are open for public visitors with a minimum fee; 150 pesos overnight.

The store in the middle of the beach can tends to your needs, but it's better to stop at Mahogany Market in Tagaytay, or Calatagan market for supplies and foods and water.

We reach Burot after sunset so we never saw how prestine and beautiful it is until the next day. It is reminescent of the old glory days of Marine Base in Ternate and Anawangin. The powedery white cream sand and rock formations are a wonder to the eye. The tides are low and calm that it almost formed a sandbar in the shore. There are few secluded beach on the left side facing the sea passing trough the rock formation. While a dock for boats and pirou are situated in the right beyond the break water wiht one small tree.

One fascinating sight in Burot are the starfishes  that lays around the beach. There are also coral formation visible at the shores near the break water. Just a reminder that there are sea urchin on the right side of the shore near the boats, so be careful swimming on those area.

Burot is recommended for those people who can't find time to visit Caramoan or Zambalez. The beach is sirene and secluded, good for an all day beach bummin'. So visit Burot Beach before Henry decided to develop the place.


    i'am sure you can enjoy
    the beautiful white sand
    the clean water
    you can relax the beautiful place
    Try it to Believe it
    just call or text ; kuya Romy
    to guide you any time you want
    or tricycle ride to burot beach
    Php 150 each good for 1 to 3 person
    from public market to burot beach
    contact # ; 09266452950

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