Gulugod Baboy - A Travel Guide

Anilao has been a holy ground or better yet holy sea for diving enthusiast as the reefs and bio-marine diversity is incomparable, since most of this diving enthusiasts are also mountaineers, they started to explore the hills on this side Batangas, thus Gulugod Baboy (Pig Spine) is now one of the sought after climb today. It's proximity to the city and easy ascent made this favorable for newbie hikes; but on the other hand the fast and ever-growing construction of a concrete road from Bauan that promised this place a more Tagaytay feel also endanger its natural and pristine beauty. So if you want to CLIMB Gulugod Baboy, now is the time as next year tourist bus and cottages would have already flocked its summit.


JAC Liner in Beundia - Taft offers Batangas City/CALABARZON trip every hour that would all pass by Batangas City Grand Terminal, for less than P160/pax. Travel time would be around 2-3 hours, but CALABARZON buses travel faster (1.5-2 hours) as they bypass some town in Batangas. From here you may take a jeep bound to Anilao up to Anilao Port (P35-P40), and from Anilao Port you my charter a tricycle to get you to Philpan Dive Resort (P80/pax).

Some jeepneys bound to Anilao will offer you a direct trip to Philpan dive resort for P100, though they will still pick up other passenger on the way, this jeep will also offer to pick you up from Philpan Dive Resort back to Batangas Grand Terminal with same rules applies.


The jump off Point of Gulugod Baboy is in Philpan Dive Resort where you'll need to register for P3o. Guides are not required as the trail is very straight forward and would only take 2 hours to climb with rest periods included. It would start with a sudden but easy ascent into a concrete road up until a fork into forested area, from here you'll be seeing the breathtaking seas, Tingloy and Sombrero Island as you go all the way up.

Philpan Dive Resort, the jumpoff point of Gulugod Baboy.

You'll also pass by a small community to where you can ask or buy water that come from the spring. They also sell ice candy, buko juice and softdrinks to freshen you up on your way to the summit.

The summit of Gulugod Baboy is an open field playground with 360 view of Batangas. Not so far you would see Mabini and neighboring Tingloy and Sombrero Island. From a far you would be able to view Mt. Halcon and Batulao on a clear sky. At night the city lights from Bauan and Mabini will fascinate your view though it gets really foggy on midnight.

Our campsite at dusk.

Since the summit is a wide grasslands and you can camp anywhere in here, be careful to choose your campsite as there are locals who seek another registration for camping on their land (as they claim), they said it's free to camp at the most top summit but gust of winds could be a problem, another factor is the proximity to the cows that are being gazed in these hills as they tend to be attracted by your food and garbage. So for safety concern dispose and keep your provisions properly.


The descent is much easier and would only take an hour or less. After the hike a side trip to both Sombrero Island and Tingloy can be done via chartered boats of P1800-P2500, but if you are only seeking to go to Tingloy Island public boats travel (10:00 am and 4:00 PM only) from Anilao Port to Tingloy for P70 only.

Masasa Beach on the other end of Tingloy Island is a hidden gem and can only be reached by tricycle from Tingloy Port.

On the stretch of Anilao are dive resorts to where you can stay for a quick relaxing beach trip, though the sand are not as white and fine as Sombrero or Masasa Beach, taking intro-diving lesson is another good  side trip here.

The shore of Anilao.

Restaurants lined up in Anilao serve good food from lomi, goto to bulalo.

Special Lomi.


Day 1: Gulugod Baboy

  • 10:00 – ETD JAC Bus Terminal Buendia. Take bus with CALABARZON sign

  • 12:30 – ETA Batangas Grand Terminal. Lunch.

  • 13:00 – ETD Batangas Grand Terminal (Jeepney to Anilao).

  • 14:00 – ETA Anilao Port. Take tricycle to Philpan Dive Resort.

  • 15:00 – Start climb

  • 17:00 – Set up camp, explore summit, sunset viewing

  • 18:00 – Dinner. Socials.

  • 23:00 – Lights out

Day 2: Masasa Bech, Tingloy Island

  • 05:30 – Wake up, sunrise viewing

  • 06:00 – Breakfast preps

  • 08:00 – Break camp, start descent

  • 09:00 – ETA Philpan Dive Resort.

  • 10:00 – Tour Tingloy Island, Masasa Beach, Sombrero Island via chartered boat.

  • 17:00 – Back at Anilao Port

  • 18:00 – Leave for Batangas City (Grand Terminal)

  • 19:00 – ETD Batangas Grand Terminal

  • 21:00 – ETA Manila


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