12 Types of People You Travel With

Whether it is a team building, barkada outing or an organized travel group the company you travel with could either make or break a great vacation. So here we list down 12 different types of travel companion; see and know where you belong.

1. The Foodie

They are the ones who will lead you to the best restaurants and cafes that locals and travelers are buzzing about. He follows most food bloggers on the web to get the best recommendation you need. These are the guys who will rarely go back to eat at the same place, you'll find them searching for new places to dine in every time they get famish.

often heard saying: "Dito!  I heard a lot of good reviews about this place."

2. The Dozer

Enroute to Baguio
These are the ones who always bring those U-shaped pillow, and once you hit the road they fall asleep.  They get the best bed on your accommodation. And once you reached your destination, even how beautiful the scenery is they opt to stay in their room and sleep. They travel long miles away from home just  to take a nap.

often heard saying: "Zzzzzz..."

3. The Planner

These are the people who had everything organized before heading the airport or terminal. They already researched the projected expenses, must do and see at your destination, and has a detailed copy of the itinerary. These are the guys who are strict on following the planned schedule and always watch the time to be able to visit more places in one day.

often heard saying: "“Okay guys, we have to leave in the next 5 minutes.”

4. The Chillax

These are the exact opposite of The Planner, they don't have a clue on the itinerary and he goes where ever the wind takes him. Most of the time these are the people who cause a delay in schedule, and will likely be the last to come to assembly place. But one of the positive, you can invite them to any part of the planet and they will never turn you down! Kaladkarin in other word.

often heard saying: "Kahit saan."

5. The Photographer

Against strong wind and freezing weather, I shall take pictures. Mt. Pulag summit.
These are the people who always carry a DSLR or a GoPro, anything above our average point and shoot camera. He's the one who will re-tell the vacation with pictures he took from the whole trip. It's either he's okay not to be in the group photo or in front of every group selfies. But definitely you'll end up using one of his photos as your profile picture.

often heard saying: "Picture!!!"

6. The Couple

Couple shirt in Mt. Manalmon
They come in pairs and often you don't know who the other one is. They isolate themselves from the group and spend time together on their own. They are very obsessed with each other and  can't get them to separate even for a minute. Obviously, if your playing the third wheel things can get too awkward instantly.

often heard saying: "I love you babe.."

7. The Online

Same with The Couple they are obsessed and married to their laptop or smart phone. They are the ones who take selfies every available opportunity they have and upload it on their Instagram account. When you are with them, where you stay depends on the internet connection and presence of electric socket. While everyone is having fun, he's reading status updates.

often heard saying: "Ate, anong password ng wifi?"

8. The Frugal

Salcedo weekend market.

These guys you'll have to battle out to take money from their wallet. They know where the most affordable shops are and their haggling skills are unrivaled. Surely, you will not get ripped off when traveling with this type of people. They will spend less whenever they can. With these guys around, it's either you’ll be saving major bucks on your trip, or spending more for shouldering their expenses.

often heard saying: "Wala bang discount yan?"

9. The Sweeper

Not the guy who makes sure no one is left behind. They are the people with humongous appetite, making sure no food is left behind. He inhales left over in seconds. When they are around you don't need to worry not finishing your food. They more likely enjoys the company of The Foodie.

often heard saying: "Uy sayang! Akin na lang."

10. The Drinker

Gin and OJ at Anawangin Cove.
These are the ones who either carry a bottle of vodka in their backpack or know where to get one. They are those who are eager to visit the nearest bar when sun down and start to invite drinking again as early as he wakes up the next morning. They are the type of companion who knows how to start a party wherever part of the planet you are.

often heard saying: "Shot pa!"

11. The Complainer

They are those who will never get contented. There's always a problem, whether it's about the destination, travel time, the hotel or the shower. They compare the places they've been before with the ones you are visiting now. They never stop complaining, but you still see them having a good time in the end.

often heard saying: "Ang dirty naman the bathroom."

12. The Yoloer

Their motto in life is "you only live once", and their mantra:"just do it". They are the ones who will try anything and everything. These are the people who will push you to take the leap from the cliff, eat something weird or go dancing in the street, and you'll thank them in the end for pushing so hard.  He brings the fun in your adventures.

often heard saying: "Subukan mo bilis! Kaya mo yan."

So who are you from our list? What type of travel buddy are you? Do you know friends who fall into any of these categories? If you have any other travel companion stereotype, share them in the comment below.


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