Sky Ranch Tagaytay

As a kid raised in Cavite, I had this memories of our weekend get together or a school field trip always ending up in Tagaytay. The joyous pride of Cavite, the coolest city in this part of CALABARZON. I would always remember Palace in the Sky, Tagaytay Zoo, and Picnic Grove as a fascination when I was younger. A few more years and beers Tagaytay would be our gateway to a quick wakeboarding trip, an alternative to bars in the metro, or as a post-hike side trip destination.

Little more I know that the land besides Taal Vista Hotel where we used to park our car and hang around with my friends exchanging laughter on a nonsense while watching kids humping those smelly horses dragging themselves around a small track was already bought out by  Henry Sy himself. After a few constructions a new themed park was raised on this site. Tagaytay Sky Ranch.

When my cousin visited us from the U.S. this year, most common recommendation she got is to visit Tagaytay Sky Ranch, so we did bring our relatives and visit the place. Relatively an hour drive from our place we reached famed attraction that just open this March 2013.

The theme park was packed by a variety of Restaurant which are also a common in the metro. Fastfood, doughnut, steakhouse, japanese food joint; famed names you normally see at the malls. There are rides that surely be enjoyed by children but will bore teens and adults. On the other hand there is a two-way Zipline which can tickles a little adrenaline rush. You'll be zipping from one end of the park to the other end, and you can do it upside down.

Except for those usual rides that are also being offered by other themed park such as Vikings (aka Anchors Away), Mini Bus (like Star City's High Flyer) and Roller Coaster there are still some things you just won't see anywhere except here. They had this manual like roller coaster where you'll sit in a bike/gondola and pedal your way to its rail road.

In the middle of the park stands a small market of kiosks selling souvenirs and local delicacies. The usual stuff I've grown up with such as shirts, bonnets, hats, slippers, buko pie, marionette puppet, flute, etc.

The main attraction of Sky Ranch is the Sky Eye, standing at 63 meters (206 ft) tall, this is considered the highest freaking ferris wheel in the country triumphing over MOA Eye and enchanted Kingdom's ferris Wheel. The 32 air-conditioned gondolas will put you in the best seat to view the landscape of Tagaytay.

To sum it up Tagaytay Sky Ranch is nothing but another themed park, but this lie in the heart of Tagaytay where breeze are cooler and grass are greener, so in a sense it can never go wrong. Families specially children will surely enjoy the place but teens and adults may opt to visit the othero ne in Laguna, but since your are already in Tagaytay why not check other city attraction or even further immerse yourself to Batangas.


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