Nagsasa Cove - Falls Alarm

This is a story of our expedition to find the falls in Mt. Nagsasa. Let me just start to tell what or where is Nagsasa Cove. It is one of the coves in Zambales that were born out of Mt. Pinatubo eruption in the 90's. It has been a secret paradise side trip for mountaineers climbing the mountain from Cawag, but for recent years, much like it's siblings, Anawangin and Silungan cove, it became a notorious travel getaway for weekend warriors from the metro.

The usual after shift getaway started when we and a group of friends met in Victory Liner Pasay. We took a bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales and drop off at San Antonio. A tricycle ride and we met our boatman Kuya Florante. We bound the boat heading to Nagsasa Cove where camp is already waiting.

Earl next morning we decided to climb the hill behind the cove and find the waterfalls. We did not get a service of a guide as some of us in the group already been to the falls.

We were assuming that a 30 minute hike is enough to lay our eyes on the famed falls, but time roll fast. The sun is already as its peak and sweat was already pouring down heavy.

Trail to Nagsasa Falls.

Thing got really messed up as he group got divided into two. We have not noticed the first group already took the unnoticeable left turn, while we decided to head straight to a more prominent trail. We just got aware that we already passed the falls when we met two mountaineers and a guide on their way from Brgy. Cawag, the jump-off of Mt. Nagsasa traverse. He explained that we are almost in the summit of Mt. Nagsasa. He told us that we should have taken the left trail, We returned, but when we are nearing where trail parts we saw the first group already heading back on our way, stating the falls is as dry as a dessert and only frogs would enjoy a swim in the stream. We forgot that it is in the middle of May and summer season in Philippines is at its highest. So we decided to return back to the cove and just enjoy a dip in the sea water.

As we descend back to camp we still so a couple of travelers being guided by local guides to the falls. We don't know if the guides are not aware of the drouth in the falls, or just didn't explain. We keep on telling them hat it's a Falls Alarm (false alarm) as they would not witness the majestic falls hidden on the mountain.

Reward after a failed hike. Enjoying the cold treat under the sun.

Almost an hour passed and we're back in the cove where sea is just an overlook away and ice cream vendor ringing their bells are waiting. I get one and enjoy it under the sunny paradise and forget the falls alarm.


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