Climb for Little Hope - Mt. Tagapo

On November 8, 2015, our group, Coventrek Adventure organized and hosted its first ever outreach program in Brgy. Janosa, Talim Island, Rizal. Our target beneficiaries are 100 children to be given measles vaccine, lunch, vitamins and  loot bags.

The program also served as a celebration of my birthday and the second anniversary of Lokalhippie. There were also other participants who wholeheartedly shared to celebrate their birthday with the kids of Talim Island. We will not be able to accomplish this event without the help of our sponsors, friends and anyone who have given time, money and effort. We will always be thankful for your part to make all this possible.

Before the program commence, we decided to first conquer the peak that stands behind this small community, Mt. Tagapo. Blessed by a very pleasant weather, twenty three participants climb the trails leading to its summit before extending our help to these meek children of Janosa.

The participants in the summit of Mt. Tagapo.

Unfortunately we were not able to proceed with our plan of providing measles vaccine due to confusion in communication with the officials in the place. This  sadden us greatly as Rotary North Pasay had already provided us the 100 measles vaccine that we were planning to administer.

By the way Coventrek Adventures are mostly consist of health professional, that's why we can administer vaccination.

The small meal we prepare for them.

Nevertheless, we still proceed in distributing the vitamins that was donated by Ms. Jona Catabay. We also provided a small lunch to all the children; the spaghetti came from the thirty four personal donations of the participants of the event and friends. Charles Raymundo who also celebrated his birthday donated cookies and candies to be included in the loot bag. Me and Rosevi on behalf of Lokalhippie donated 100 crayons and coloring book also to be included in the loot bag. Another birthday celebrant, Ley Castillo and her spouse Divine Castillo also gave a sum of money to aid us on this event. Jiwel Olimon with her children - Jazz and James who were both celebrating their birthday  provided 150 cupcakes and bread to go along with the spaghetti meal.

The vitamins and medication given by Jona Catabay. Thank you.
Re-packing the goodies.

The program started with a photo shoot of all beneficiaries and participants in front of Janosa Barangay Hall. The children starts to pour in when we started distributing the goodies to them. There was a slight chaos in the beginning but everything was manageable due to the help and cooperation of the all participants.

Not part of our original plan, Dr. Robert Dorado volunteered to be our resident physician for that day and was able to provide consultation to the children of Janosa. Prescribed medications were given to our beneficiaries who seek medical attention. The medicine were also part of the donation we received from Ms. Jona Catabay.

The doctor is in.
Dok Robert Dorado became the resident physician in our small event. Thank you so much Doki!

We never realized how time pass by, during the short chaotic yet happy hours we were able to provide children a little hope and a brighter future. We were thanked by the residents of Janosa for reaching out on their small community. Definitely a Sunday well spent.

This has been a long time bucket list for me,  to celebrate my birthday by extending good deeds to those who deserves it. I am very thankful that there were a lot of people who were willing to help me in crossing this off from my list.

It is so heart warming to see these kind of smiles.
More importantly we would like to thank those who participated in the event, twenty three good souls, almost strangers with each other in the beginning, working together to make our first outreach program a success.

Adih, Iris, Divine, and Mhelz of Coventrek Adventure

Kids falling in line to get their loot bags.
We are hoping that Coventrek  will be able to do this kind of event again in the future. And you can rest assure that Lokalhippie will always be helping out on this kind of cause.

Some photos credited to: Kat Jaingue and Ley Castillo
Thank you.


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