Alegria - Badian Canyoneering

This is one of the primary reasons why I flew to the province of Cebu last Nov. 25, 2015, the canyoning activity in the town of Alegria and Badian that is creating a buzz for all travel junkies!

I first saw this adventure on Drew Arellano's travel show, Byahe ni Drew's Moalboal episode; since then I've been hearing a lot about this extreme activity. Some of my office mates have done this during their visit in our company's Cebu branch. Some of my friends are also planning to try this adventure next year, but luckily I was able to experience it recently.

Getting to Badian is relatively easy, from Cebu City buses at South Terminal bound to Bato via Barili passed by Badian and Alegria back and forth. Most of the time Canyoneering in Alegria - Badian is an extension of a visit in the more popular town of Moalboal.

Ready to jump.

For us, we took the v-hire van near Magellan's Cross [V-hire vans were moved from One Citylink Terminal to Magellan's cross] bound to Moaboal. Fare is P100 and travel time is about three hours.

We took off  at Moalboal Municipal Hall, from here we were swarmed by tricycle driver who offered  a ride to our preferred resort. There are also a lot of people offering to guide us in our canyoneering trip, one of them is Kuya Jimmy who we get the service of as he offered the most affordable deal we can't resist.

There has been an influx of tourist visiting Alegria - Badian in the recent months

Huge resorts in Moalboal such as Serena Beach Resort and others also offer the same tour in Alegria-Badian at a higher rate, but you can directly go to local guides if you want to save a penny. Meanwhile there are travel and adventure  group that you may contact ahead of time, as they will take care all the preparation at a very reasonable price.

Natural slide made out of rock formations.

Early morning, the next day Kuya Jimmy fetch us at the resort we're staying in Moalboal. Riding his tricycle we took another hour ride from Moalboal to Badian to get our equipment. Then we continue to the town of Alegria where the downstream canyoneering will start. We wore our protective gear and head on to the jump off point.

After registration, we begin the 10 minute trek up to Kanlaob River. At the first site of water, Kuya Jimmy already instructed us to follow wherever he jumped. So not even getting our toes wet, we jumped from a 10 meters cliff down to the river.

Swimming between the Canyon - POV

It is a never ending heart pumping feeling as we jumped from one falls to another. The scene was also magnificent, the clear water between two well carved canyon are picture perfect. The running water is very cold so every jump and dip is refreshing.

The falls that we jumped varies from a simple skip over a 2 meters falls to a towering 20 meters. My brother Lynnard and Rose swallow all the fear and welcome all the challenges on this trail, they jumped every time Kuya Jimmy says "jump!".

Mini waterfalls. One of the not so high leap.

The final leg of the canyoneering is the 20 meters jump in the Station 2. So far this is the highest jump from a cliff I have ever made.  I am so proud to see both Lynnard and Rose leap into this towering falls without or little fear.

Station 2 Falls. [Middle] The 20 meter jump.

After that heart throbbing jump, lunch is waiting on the cottages that stands near the falls. After eating and a few more dip in the clear cold water we descend back to Station 1, where the Kawasan Falls is.

We witnessed the famous Kawasan falls; the strong current pouring from a tower of rocks, where a body of water as blue as the sky is waiting for the downpour. Unfortunately there are a lot of people staying here so we just decided to take a picture and continue our descent.

The natural blue water of Kawasan falls

We rode the tricycle once again to return the gears we used during the canyoneering, then Kuya Jimmy brought us back to our resort in Moalboal. The adventure took around 4 hours to complete, not too long not too short, just enough to enjoy this exciting adventure.

Group pic with kuya Jimmy - our guide during the Canyoneering

Planning the trip here at Alegria - Badian, you may want to contact the following

      • Kuya Jimmy - 09102359786
        • Our guide. Rate P800 - P1300 pax
        • no minimum participants
        • meals after adventure not included
        • transfer Moalboal to Alegria included
        • gears included

      • Highland Adventure - 09179508750
      • Rate:
        • 2 minimum 1,300 each
        • 3 pax up 1,200 each
        • 6 pax up 1,000 each
        • 10 pax up 900 each
        • 15 pax up 800 each

      • Inclusions:
        • Transfer from Brgy. Malabago to Kanla-ob River (motorcycle/habal-habal)
        • Transfer from Kawasan Falls back to the highway so you don't need to walk for 30 minutes
        • Entrance Fee (Alegria) & Exit Fee (Badian)
        • Snacks & Drinking water 
        • Life Vest, Helmet, Dry Bag
        • Bamboo Rafting in Kawasan Falls for water massage
        • Tour guides with Rappelling Rope, First Aid Kit
        •  Lunch/dinner and cottage use in Kawasan Falls
        • with Unlimited Rice, Softdrinks, Mineral Water


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