Museo Pambata

Manila; it's hay day as a city of tourist attractions may be just a history for some of us. In fact, when was the last time that it was featured on a blog? The humid climate on a busy street, and the colorful yet dirty jeepneys that jammed the traffic have already covered the fact that Manila has a lot to offer.

But is it not history is what the city's gem is? And the noise, dirt and heavy traffic adds character to its rustic facade? There are a lot of museum to relive the glorified history of Manila and Philippines in whole. In the middle of these towering buildings one  museum is as sweet and innocent as candy. Manila Children's Museum or Museo Pambata is one place I found tranquility inside the busy city. This is a memory from my childhood where my classmate in grade school would run and enjoy the exhibit in this place; I want to share it to my daughter, Summer, so I brought her along.

Summer is enjoying all the activities in Museo Pambata

From UN Avenue you can ride a cab to Roxas Blvd. and just tell the driver to drop you off at Museo Pambata. Alternatively, the are kuliglig besides NBI office that offers a ride to the nearby Manila Ocean Park, you can hire this pedicab to bring you to Museo Pambata. 

Summer joining a class of pre-schooler.

From the outside it seems that no one is visiting the museum and  we even doubt if it is open or not. Admission is P250 per head which is good for a whole day pass. Luckily inside the museum, there is a class of preschooler being guided around the museum, we decided to join them.

The exhibit in the museum is divided into different rooms.

The old Manila shows the lives of people in the city during the Spanish and American era. It shows a majestic Galleon that have done trades with the Philippines from Acapulco; a smaller scale of Binondo church; and a real life model of traditional  houses during the olden times.

A miniature jeepney display at Old Manila
Playing with a vintage sewing machine.

The Environment room or Kalikasan shows a simulated rain forest and underwater. It also has exhibits of large insects and animals.

Large ants.

My Body Works, help children understand how our body's different organ works together to function. Large intestine where anyone can pass thru, display where one can listen to the beat of our heart, and noises made by our body comprises the exhibit here.

One of the exhibit at My Body Works
Paglaki Ko shows the possible careers one can engage when he or she grows up. It shows what professionals and adults do on their work.

An exhibit in the Paglaki Ko featuring career of a Cartoonist.
I Love My Planet Earth, teaches children about the threat of climate change and  can discover what we can do to save mother earth.

The highlight of the museum is The Marketplace where every young and young at heart can play in a social environment - the market. Anyone can be a barber, a vegetable vendor, fireman, or a shoe maker.

Playing at the Marketplace

Global Village features the children of the world. It has an exhibit of different toys and dolls from different countries.

Dolls from different countries.
At the end of the tour, the children enjoys a shadow play choreograph by the staff of the museum that feature a unique Filipino fairy tale.

Shadow play feturing "Ang Mahiwagang Sumbrero"

Museo Pambata is just one of the places we rarely visit in the Philippines. I always enjoy a stroll at the museum anywhere,  and definitely I would explore other museums around Manila in the coming days; it gives me the feeling of both amusement and relaxation at the same time. We cap of our old Manila trip with a dinner at  another Manila's staple: Binondo, but that's a different story I am also excited to share.


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