Why Fall in Love with Traveling

Is it love at first try? Maybe not, but I've been vagabond even before I consider myself a wanderer. It is human nature to explore and to move, boundless into unknown parts; the same as it is human to love, and be passionate with someone, or in this case something. So why travel? Why be  fascinated with the thought of spending time, money, and effort to see places? It may not be love at first sight, but it's true love, and I am vastly infatuated; here, I list why.

1. It never seize to surprise me

To experience new things, to visit new places this is what travelling gave me. Before, I only see some places on a postcard, but with travelling I am able to experience its true beauty. If we don't move from where we are, there is no learning of what lay across the border of our confinement, and believe me there are a lot of places that we are not yet aware: the beach of Palawan, the mountains of Benguet, the history of Manila; you'll never know where travelling can take you. 

Mt. Pulag 
"The world is a book and those who travel are the ones who get to read the whole story. "

2. It makes me meet new friends outside my circle

If you look into my contact list, thirty percent of it I met from travelling, and that's the beauty of it; when I travel, I meet a lot of people, make new friends. I once quote a movie that sharing is part of travelling. It doesn't matter where you from or what you do for a living, on the road we carry the same backpack, we take the same trail, we are all equal. Travelling is not selfish, it is understanding, it lets us know a person more than anything can, we learn from their stories and journey. It inspires one another to move and to wander as far as we can.

Circle of friends
"Who you travel with can be more important than the destination."

3. It challenges me to be more free 

I have once considered myself an introvert a few years back, but I am now on the opposite side of the spectrum. I learn how to accept challenges, open minded. I am able to live outside my confinement, outside the pleasure of convenience. Travelling opened my eyes that the greatest adventures can be experienced outside our comfort zone. It lets me understand that if I want to live life to the fullest, then I must be free of worries about what is on the other side; just take the step and let life seize me.

"Be brave take risks, nothing can substitute experience."

4. It lets me experience new culture

When I am on a different place I enjoy conversing with the locals, it is a way for me to learn a thing or two about them.  Another way of learning someone's culture is thru their food. We are after all, very diverse, common yet different, but all sums up on how we understand one another. For me, it is a privilege to experience their lives, even just for a bit. Travelling shows me the colorful culture of different people, and that we are not separated by race, religion, or language but are united by a common passion.

"You have to taste a culture to understand it."

5. It is the best way to get lost and be found

I am more at peace when I am in a solitude place: above a mountain or in the middle of a serene cove. Getting lost in a place sometimes lead to self reflection. Travelling make us realize the deepest thoughts that lie in ourselves. I was able to listen to my inner voice a lot more and contemplate on who I really am, what I want to be, and where I want to go. It sharpens the importance of digging into our inner selves to appreciate everything that lies around us.

Soul searching in the middle of paradise

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."

6. It teaches me to live today

Time was never on our side, sad but true. Travelling let me realize that today is different from tomorrow. I learned that I may not be able to do some things if I postponed it years from now. So live life to the fullest, as if it is your very last. Do things that you dearly want and what makes you happy, no matter what everyone else says. If you want to travel the world, do it now because tomorrow could be a different story.

Embracing the new day ahead. Mt. Pulag
"Carpe Diem!"

7. It teaches me to be part of something bigger than myself

When I was atop of a mountain one day, I realized what a wonderful creation this is. I am  nothing compare to the grandiosity of this presence in front of me. Travelling let me see that I am not the center of the universe, there are far greater things than me. I am just part of nature, a system that I must take part to preserve life, not only of mankind, but of everything else: the leaves that sway on a tree, the water that flows on the bed of rock, the crawlers that creep the ground; we are all one. It is to arrogant to say that I've conquered mountains when in fact it is the mountain that captivated me. Travelling help me understand humility. It's a privilege to witness life happen in front of me.

"We are just a speck of sand in a vast desert."

Those are just few of the reasons that gets me absurdly in love with traveling. How about you? Why do you love to travel?

- Meryl Ravelas


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