Four Days, Three Nights South Cebu

The province of Cebu, the birthplace of Christianity in the Philippines. Since the Spanish colonization, its city has been the center of economics and trade. Thousand of years fast forward, the province made its mark as one of the prime destinations in the Philippines. With its beautiful beaches, and adventurous activity, there are enough reasons to visit the place.

We are fortunate to be back at Cebu to further explore the towns in its southern region. Here are the places and thing we've experienced during our four-day escapade in South Cebu.

Eat Lechon in Cebu City

Rico's lechon served at House of Lechon in Acacia St., Cebu City
Don't leave Cebu city without trying out their lechon. Anyone knows that these roasted pigs are a staple of the city. So on our first day, from the airport we go directly to one of the famous lechon joints in the Queen city of the south. There are a lot of restaurants and food joint that offers - which, according to Mr. Bourdain is - the world's best roasted pig: Zubuchon, CNT, Ayer's and many more, but ask the locals which is the best and they'll point out one name: Rico's  at House of Lechon.

White Sands of Lambug Beach

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Cebu, from Bantayan Island to Basdako beach of Moalboal, almost every town has a crowned jewel to be proud of. Badian is not much of a different , they also have a powdery white sand paradise, but here's the catch, this is not frequented by the usual traveler from Manila or island outsider. Walk its beautiful shore and you'll see that most visitors are also from the province taking a break from their daily grind, talk about well kept treasure.

Canyoneering in Alegria to Badian

This one you really shouldn't miss. Anyone visiting South Cebu includes this in their itinerary, so why should we not? The adventure will start in Alegria and will end in Badian. Witness the majestic canyons divided by the clear refreshing water of the river,  as you jump your way down into a series of falls and explore the trails along the Matutinao and Kanlaob river. The four hour canyoning activity is every adrenaline junkie's dream adventure.

Witness  Kawasan Falls

At the end of your canyoneering, another famed destination in Badian awaits you. Kawasan Falls is a towering grandiosity with a natural blue water pool waiting at the bottom. You can have a lunch besides the falls, or rent a bamboo raft to be up close and personal to it's refreshing water.

Oslob Whale Shark Watching

To swim with these gentle giants has been one of our dreams even before the news of them passing the waters of Tanawan in Oslob exploded in social media. We came here with high hopes and expectation, but instantly our eyes were opened on the sad situation happening to these marvelous creatures. Maybe our trip here could possibly be a calling of something bigger.

Photo Op in Cuartel, Oslob

We were actually having two minds whether to visit Cuartel, but since we had plenty of time to spare in Oslob, so we did it. The ruins from the Spanish colonial times are candy to the eyes for the photographer and feeling model in us. So we posed silly and take turns in front of the shutter just to get those shots perfect for our profile page and cover photo.

Hike Osmena Peak

We're unble to take good photo in the summit due to the fog, so we just give you Vegetable Man

The mountain that stands in the middle of the province is known as Osmena Peak. The highest point in all of Cebu lies in the town known as the vegetable basket of the province, Dalaguete. We woke up early to witness the sunrise from it's summit, but unfortunately it was too foggy to see anything, but still with the climate very reminiscent of Baguio and Kalinga, the quick trek was very enjoyable.

Obong Spring Dalaguete

Except for Osmena Peak, the town of Dalaguete is always overlooked at. In this town you'll find affordable destinations within reach; one of them is Obong Spring. Right besides the beach of Dalaguete, the water in the spring is a little salty, yet still so refreshing. If you want to take a break from the usual beaches , Obong Spring hits the right spot.

Foodtrip in Carcar

Chicharon Carcar being sold at the market for P20 each.

The original Lechon cebu originated from here, the truth is inside the province the roasted pigs originated from Carcar. So we passed by the market to see what they have. A separate section of stalls lined up selling affordable delicious lechon, half the price of what's on the Metro. Look no further and you'll find chicharon bulaklak, dinuguan, puso, and another Carcar staple: Chicharon.

Sutukil at Larsian

The selections in one of the stall at Larsian

When in Cebu City and you ask someone for a Sutukil, more likely they'll refer you at Larsian. In the heart of the city is this Sugbaan (ihawan) very reminscent of Baga Manila or Mercato, where you choose raw skewers ranging from red meat to seafoods, and they'll have it roasted above charcoal in front of you. Pair it with Tula (soup) and Kilaw (raw meat/fish in vinegar and spices) and you already have SuTuKil.

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