Glamping at Riverfront Resort

There are a million reasons to love the outdoors, the appreciation of nature and being temporarily disconnected with digital stresses are just one of the few. Some even say that it is far better to stay under a thousand stars than in a hotel with only five. It may be enticing to see those tents line up under the moonlight, but there are still a few who are hesitant to go into the wild. So you want to experience the life outdoors, but don't want to totally rough it out; thankfully one resort in Cavite offers something that hit the right sack: glamping (glamorous camping). It may sound absurd, but we didn't make that up. Try searching the word on Google and you'll see that this is for real.

Riverfront Resort situated in Maragondon, Cavite just a few kilometers from the jump-off point of Mt. Nagpatong and Pico de Loro, is a newly opened resort that offers glamorous camping to its guests. From Manila, there are buses that are bound Maragondon and Ternate. Alight at their station and take another tricycle and tell the driver you're off to Riverfront Resort. Private vehicle can easily navigate the Cavite Expressway and just go straight to Ternate and just ask locals on how to get to Riverfront Resort.

The pool overlooking the river

Just recently opened, the resort gives a tumbleweed feel to its facade, using rustic, whimsical decors out of re-purposed wood. The main attraction of the resort is their swimming pool overlooking the river. They also have tables and chairs for guests on day tour. They have a restaurant that offers meal and drinks. Camping ground is on the furthest side, but can easily be accessible from the restaurant and the pool. Except for tent pitched in the area, they also have log cabins for those who preferred a more comfortable stay.

The log cabin

The camping ground is a wide field covered by trees, very reminiscent of Anawangin or Baguio. What makes this different from the usual camping is that the tents are lined up with a bed mattress for extra comfort, they also provide a small fan and a light during the night. In addition to that, there are the usual toiletries and towels, the same things being provided in a hotel. There are also communal wash room within the area.

The log cabins  can accommodate 2 to 4 pax and has the basic amenities of a resort room. Fully air-conditioned, and drawers to keep your valuable. They also have a refrigerator to keep your drinks cold and food fresh.

The camping ground
During your stay you may ask any attendants to help you out build a campfire. They'll provide the wood and help light it up for you. They will also provide a mat where you can sit and enjoy the night in front of a campfire.

Rates varied depending on how long you'll stay or on what amenities you want. For day tour, entrance to the resort is P150. While tents can be rented out for P1500 a night good for 4 pax. Cabin log rate is P3500 good for 2 to 4 pax. Unfrotunately, you cannot bring your own tent if you have one.

The restaurant / function hall

The overlooking the river

Riverfront Resort is a good place to introduce someone on the life in the woods. You rough it out a little, and still enjoy the comfort of little luxury. This is also good for parents who want to play with their kids in the outdoor. We tried this with my daughter Summer, and she definitely enjoys camping.

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