Mount Maculot Travel Guide

Mt. Maculot is not that far from Manila; Batangas after all, is just a few hour ride from the metro. Unfortunately, it is just this recent weeks that I was able to climb this mountain. Circumstances arise that are beyond our control which prevents us from trekking its trail a few years back.

This is my first overnight camping for 2016, and I miss the smell of my tent and the morning dew on the grass.

Cuenca Market

How to get here

From Manila, ride a bus bound to Lipa, and alight at Lipa McDonalds. From here one can take a jeep bound to Lemery, and just tell the driver you are off to Cuenca. From Cuenca market, you can ride a tricycle that will take you to the jump-off point.

A very foggy morning ascend to the Rockies

The view

The trail

The usual trail taken on Mt. Maculot is the one heading to the Rockies, one can then continue the ascent up to its summit, just another hour trek. From the summit it can be traversed to see the grotto and descend to a different trail. Whichever trail you choose, either from the Rockies or from the grotto, all trails will start at Cuenca, Batangas.

Usual day hikers are just taking the trail up to the Rockies, which is the biggest selling point of the Maculot climb. The clusters of rock have a great view of the lake and neighboring towns.

Unfortunately during our climb to the Rockies, was a light down pour of rain and the fog are thicker than usual which covered the scenery beyond the Rockies.

The rope segment
The campsite


The incident that happens a few years back made a proper organize guiding system required when climbing Mt. Maculot. Guides can be hired 800 per day for overnight stay good for 5 people, while 400 for a day hike. When doing traverse, a guide can be hired P1000 good for 5 people. A little steeper than usual, but we saw how they respond in case of emergency. During our climb, one climber had a leg spasm and required assistance, one guide radioed at the base camp to send help, and a few minutes there were four guides carrying a stretcher to the rescue. Our guide also explained that they are equipped with first aid kit when needed. So I guess, the prices are well grounded.

The climb to the Rockies

View from the Rockies

Details of the Climb

Height of mountain: 706 masl (Rockies), 930 masl (summit)
Hours to climb: 1 - 2 hours up to the Rockies; 2 - 4 hours to Summit
Watersource: None

06:00 Board Lipa bound bus from Buendia or Cubao
08:00 ETA Lipa. Take jeep to Cuenca
09:00 ETA Cuenca, Batangas
09:30 Star trek
11:30 Rockies. Quick Lunch
12:30 Start descent
14:00 Back at jump-off. Ride jeep to SM Lipa Terminal
15:00 ETA SM Lipa. Ride bus bound Cubao or Pasay
18:00 ETA Manila

Manila to Lipa - P130.00
Lipa to Cuenca - P7.00
Tricycle to Jump Off - P15.00
Guide: P800.00 / 8pax (P100.00)

The AFP commemorative statue to Mt. Maculot


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