Top 10 Travel Movies of 2000

(Originally written 02/26/2016)

The truth: I've been on a couch lately, since my trip to Cebu last November 2015, I've never been as far as Manila and Rizal. I am counting down days and saving up to when I'll be back to explore South Cebu this coming weeks. During this low days, I've been filling up my wanderlust with movies that will inspire me to travel.

I list down ten films I've seen that hit me with the travel bug. We're only including films made from 2000 to present, so no matter how much I like Easy Rider movie, you'll not seeing it in here (Maybe on the other list).

10. Eat Pray Love (2010)

This is the memoir of Liz Gilbert, a woman who suddenly felt lonely about her marriage, relationships, and her life. She embarks in an around-the-world journey to find herself.

What I like about it? It will give you a glimpse of Italy, India, and Bali.

9. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

This is an adaptation of the short story by James Thurber, starring Ben Stiller on the titular role, he's a man who have been dreaming of a better life, but a threat in his and his co-worker's employment gave him the chance to live his dream. He travel across the globe into the Himalayas to follow the steps of his personal hero on an adventure of a lifetime, only realizing that it was his hero who looks up to him.

What to like: Longboarding scene. I can relate to Walter before. Soundtrack was awesome.

8. The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

When their father died, three brothers travel around India to mends their not well knitted bond. The story revolves around their adventure while in an Indian public trail transit known as the Darjeeling limited.

What to like : It gives a glimpse of the busy Indian city and trail system. It has a vintage 60's vibes.

7. The Art of Travel (2007)

When he found out his soon to be wife cheated on him, he called quits on the wedding and take his honeymoon trip to South America alone. This is when he found out the sense of self discovery and mastering the art of being wanderlust.

What to like: This will show you the unfortunate yet hilarious side of traveling, from dirty toilets to pickpocket.

6. The Way (2010)

This is a story of a father who flew overseas to obtain the ashes of his estranged son who died during his pilgrimage to the El Camino de Santiago, and suddenly decided to take the trail on his own in the memory of his son. He met three other travelers taking the same pilgrimage.

What to like: The El Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage taken by people who believes that there is something miraculous on this trail. I like the shots on the different pitstop, in the hostel, the city. Very inspiring to people who are afraid of getting uotside their comfort zone.

5. A Walk in the Woods (2015)

A walk in the Woods is about a 60 year old travel author Bill Bryson, returning to his hometown in New Hampshire after living in Britain for two decades. He came across the Appalachian trail near their house and decided to take the journey. He was joined by his estranged friend Stephen Katz. The two old-timer take on the trail and re-kindle their peculiar but funny friendship.

What to like: The lives of people taking the Appalachian trail. It will make you remember friends whom you have not been in contact for years.

4. Wild (2014)

Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed, who took a solo trip to the Pacific Crest trail after the passing away of her mother. She trekked the 1,100 miles on a muddy trails, snowy weather, and eventually losing a toenail, but finally finding herself in the process.

What to like: Very inspiring for taking a solo travel. Will show how travelling can sometimes save soul.

3. The Beach (2000)

Richard, an American first time traveler goes to Thailand for an escapade, but didn't find the peaceful place he was promised. He got possession of a map to a hidden beach paradise, and decided to take the adventure to get there there.

What to like: A community of traveler in a isolated beach paradise. It is very reminscent of the novel "Lord of the Flies". It's Leo during his post Titanic fame.

2. Into the Wild (2007)

Based o a true story, Christopher McCandless abandoned all his material possession and hitchhike his way to live in the Alaskan wilderness alone. Along the way, he met a series of characters that hep him shape his life and fully understand what happiness is really all about.

What to like: This movie will remind us that more than living the dream, it is sharing it with other people is what true happiness is. There are far great things than material world.

1. A Map for Saturday (2007)

It is a documentary of the lives of people in long term travelling. When a TV producer decided to quit his job to travel across the world he was submerged to the life of backpackers. It's discuss the fears, worries, and fun things ties with long term travelling.

What to like: Since this is a documentary the stroies are real, coming from the people who really travelled the world. It discuss the possiblity of quiting your job and doing the life of travel.

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