Escape to Tierra de Lago

Laguna has always been the go to place for people looking for rushed, unplanned, summer outing or team building. The private resorts that lined up on the streets of Pansol and Los Baños is always the answer, but one resort hidden amongst the usual private pool wanted to stray away from the image that made this part of Calabarzon famous.

Tierra de Lago or Land by the Bay is a five hectare resort at the furthest most tip of Los Banos, caught in the middle of Mt. Makiling and Laguna de Bay. Officially opened last 2006, the resort is in an ongoing expansion and development since then. It is a perfect place looking for a more high end, peaceful escape in this part of the province.

From Manila, there is an easy access to Los Banos via private transportation. Getting off at SLEX Sto. Tomas exit, take a shortcut to Ayala Greenfields via Bucal Bypass to cut down the travel time to Pansol by almost an hour. From national road heading to Los Baños turn at the first left corner after passing Los Baños Municipal Hall, then turn at the first right corner from here.

Luckily for us, we met with Sir Eric, the resort owner at Shell Magallanes one early weekend morning. Taking the route stated above, we reached Tierra de Lago within a couple of hours.

On the way to the resort, Sir Eric asked if we want to try the organic eggs of Itlog ni Kuya.

The proximity and access to the resort could be challenging, but once you get to the place, you can say it's all worth it. It is a surprise hidden among the average private resorts in the area. Once you enter the gates, you will be amaze by its landscaping: a mix of Filipino and Spanish influences, in a peaceful, nature village like vibe.

The hallway in the entrance of the resort.

One of the pavilions where one can stay during their two or more day visit.

We checked some of their rooms which can accommodate from a standard couple taking a honeymoon, up to a group of ten on their team building. All rooms are fully furnished with beds, TV, and couch. It is also well decorated staying to its rustic Filipino-Spanish influences while taking advantage of modern architectural design.

They also have two swimming pools filled by the comforting water of the hot spring. They are far from each other, but is an easy access from wherever part of this five hectare resort you are staying.

One of the pool is covered by a nipa roof, so swimming can be enjoyed even when the sun is high.

Children will enjoy the playground by the poolside.

They also have cabanas free to use for the visitors. Some cabana houses their playroom which includes a bar, and a pool table. People on staycation can choose from a number of pavilions to dine at, since use of them are included in their accommodation.

The cabana where we stayed during our short visit.
Visitors can enjoy dining in at the cabana, and enjoy the afternoon playing billiards.

The mini bar in one of the cabana.

The resort also has a fishing village, in which they breed a mix of coi and bass (tilapia). Guests can go fishing, free of charge, but (of course) need to pay for their catch per kilo.

At the very end of the resort is a long stretch of concrete boardwalk overlooking Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling; a very nice place to spend the afternoon watching the sunset with a bottle of cold drink.

The fishing pond.

The boardwalk with a view of Mt. Makiling and Laguna de Bay

After roaming around the resort we were invited to lunch in one of the cabana, feasting on the delicacies such as Igado, pork paksiw, grilled fish, and adobo prepared by the staff of Tierra de Lago. They also served the balut and salted eggs we bought earlier. There are also buko pie, and hot bonete which Sir Erick recommend as a must try.

Our delicious feast after roaming around Tierra de Lago.

There are still parts of the area which are yet to be developed. Sir Eric enthusiastically shared his vision with us. They are planning to add amenities to host team building activity. He even shows us floor and building plan on their modern take on Nipa huts to be built in this area. As far as we see it there are a lot of potential coming on the way for Tierra de Lago.

The spa area of the resort
Staff can setup a massage area on this cabana for those who wanted to get the service of a masseur.

The rates on the resort are available upon inquiry to their hotline, but to give you an idea, possible price range starts from P4000 good for two person overnight stay with all access to its amenities. For further inquiry, we got their contact number listed below.

Rooms has an outdoor dining with a view of Mt. Makiling

It may be a bit higher than the usual Pansol or Los Baños resort, but like how we tried to reiterate a hundred times, they tried to stay away from the usual Laguna resort stereotype. They want to keep their own identity, keeping akin to hotel services more than the resort-for-rent type. And once you get inside this massive land, you'll feel like you really are in a different place, an escape taken to a much better, peaceful paradise.

Phone Nos.:
(049) 5378038; (02) 8098357; (02) 8817461;(02) 7756526

(0917) 8489370; (0921) 6949064

Email :

Thank you so much to Sir Eric for opening the doors of Tierra de Lago to us, and to SJCAM User Philippines for organizing this event.


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