South Cebu Itinerary

Here is the detailed itinerary of our recent 4 days, 3 night journey around south Cebu. Our initial goal is to visit three main attraction in the southern part of the province: Canyoneering in Badian, whale shark watching in Oslob, and Osmena Peak in Dalaguete.

If you want to know more about the places and things we've done on this trip you can find it here.

Day 1 - Manila, Rico's Lechon, Lambug Beach

08:30 AM - Departure at NAIA Manila to Mactan Airport via Cebu Pacific
10:30 AM - Arrival at Mactan Airport. Ride taxi to Cebu City
11:30 AM - Lunch at Rico's Lechon (aka House of Lechon at Acacia St., Cebu City)
12:30 PM - Ride taxi to GT Express Terminal (Pier, near Magellan's Cross)
01:00 PM - Hire van up to Lambug Beach, Badian
03:30 PM - Pass by Badian market to bur provisions
04:00 PM - Arrival at Lambug beach; check-in at Lambug Beach Homestay
04:00 PM - Swim at Lambug Beach; freetime
07:00 PM - Dinner. Socials
12:00 AM - Lights out

Getting off Cebu Pacific flight 5J 567 at Mactan International Airport

Day 2 - Canyoneering

06:00 AM - Wake-up; breakfast
07:30 AM - Hire tricycle, meet up with Highland Adventures (tour guides) at Badian
08:30 AM - Start of canyoneering in Alegria
01:00 PM - End of canyoneering; lunch complementary of Highland Adventures
02:00 PM - Back at main road. Return to Lambug beach
03:00 PM - Back at homestay. Check out.
04:00 PM - Ride hired van from Badian to Oslob
06:00 PM - Arrival at Oslob (Lagnason's Resort)
07:00 PM - Dinner, socials
12:00 AM - Lights out

Fooling around in front of the camera at Cuartel, Oslob

Day 3 - Whaleshark Watching, Cuartel

05:30 AM - Wake up. Breakfast
06:00 AM - Ride hired jeep to Tanawan
06:30 AM - Register. Start whale shark watching
08:00 AM - End of whale shark watching
08:30 AM - Visit Cuartel via hired jeep
10:00 AM - Pass by Oslob market to buy provisions
11:00 AM - Back at Lagnason's Resort. Prepare lunch
12:00 PM - Eat lunch. Check out
01:00 PM - Depart from Oslob to Dalaguete via bus
02:30 PM - Arrival at Dalaguete. Check in at BB's Hideaway
03:00 PM - Swim. Freetime
06:00 PM - Dinner
11:00 PM - Lights out

Note: As of now, we do not recommend to visit at Tanawan for the whale shark watching due to maltreatment on this marine creature.

Habal-habal ride to Osmena Peak

Day 4 - Osmena Peak, Carcar, Back to Cebu City

04:30 AM - Wake-up
05:30 AM - Departure to Osmena Peak via habal-habal
06:30 AM - Start trek
07:00 AM - Arrival at summit of Osmena Peak
07:30 AM - Start descent
08:00 AM - Ride habal-habal to Dalaguete foodcourt
09:00 AM - Breakfast at Dalaguete food court
09:30 AM - Back at BB's Hideaway
11:00 AM - Check out. Visit Obong Spring
02:00 PM - Departure to Carcar market.
03:00 PM - Late lunch at Carcar market
04:30 PM - Arrival at Cebu City. Visit Taboan market
06:00 PM - Visit Magellan's cross
07:00 PM - Dinner at Larsian
09:00 PM - Back at Mactan Airport
12:00 AM - Flight back to Manila

Magellan's Cross


  • Taxi from Mactan Airport to Cebu City - P300 good for 4pax
  • Rico's Lechon at House of Lechon - P600 per kilo
  • Taxi from House of Lechon to GT Van Terminal - P150 good for 4pax
  • Van from Cebu to Badian - P100 per pax or P2500/18pax
  • Lambug Beach Homestay Accomodation - P300 / pax
  • Canyoneering - See detailed price here.
  • Tricycle from Lambug Beaach to Alegria - P50 / pax
  • Hired van from Lambug Beach to Oslob - P2500 / 18pax or P100/ pax
  • Lagnasons Resort Accomodation - P4000 good for 8pax
  • Jeepney rental around Oslob - P150 / pax
  • Whale Shark Watching - P500 / pax
  • Bus from Oslob to Dalaguete - P85 / pax
  • BB's Hideaway accomodation - P800 good 2 pax; P1800 good for 8 pax
  • Hire Van from Dalaguete, to Carcar, Cebu City, to Airport - P5000/ 18 pax
  • Dinner at Larsian - P50 - P150 per meal
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  1. Hi! I want to ask where did you hire van from Badian to Oslob? And how much does it cost? Thanks! ;)

  2. Hi Janel, we have our contact from Cebu City who is based on Moalboal so he agreed to bring us from Badian to Oslob. HIs name is Kuya Ruel, 093304449149

  3. Did you make an advance reservation for whale shark watching and the rest of the place you stayed? Thanks.

    1. Hi, Crz. Yes, we did since we were a big group. With whale shark watching, we are advocating to skip it, there are other attraction in Oslob that you can see, and if you skip the whale shark , you wouldn't missed that much. Please see our post about Whale shark in Oslob.

  4. Hi may contact number ka po sa bbs hideaway sa dalaguete? We are planning to go there kasi. Thanks