Badian - A Travel Guide

The recent years have been very nice for the small sleepy town of Badian in Cebu. The flock of visitors in the province can be attributed on what lies in this laid back town, the most rushing activity you can do when in Cebu: Canyoneering. But there are more about Badian than just chasing canyons. Come, let us take you around  and experience Badian, Cebu.

An afternoon at Lambug Beach

How to get here

There are regular flights from Manila to Cebu from different airline companies offering affordable fare. From Cebu City, there is an easy access and multiple ways to get to Badian. 

There are buses in Cebu South Terminal bound to Bato via Barili, which passes by the town of Badian. Travel time is round three hours, fare is P120 for airconditioned and P75 for regular non-airconditioned bus.

There are also vans at the Vhire Terminal in Pier, near Magellan's cross that are bound to Moalboal, fare is P100 for a 2 - 3 hour travel time. You may ask the driver if they can bring you up to Badian town proper or to your accommodation in Badian, though you may need to add a small amount to the fare. If you need a van from Cebu City to Badian, you may contact Kuya Ruel at 09330449149.

From Badian town proper, getting around Badian is via tricycle or habal-habal.

Where to stay

There are a number of accommodations in Badian you can choose from. We stayed in Lambug Beach Homestay where they offer dormitory type room good for big group for P300 per head.

Lambug Beach Homestay
Lambug Beach, Badian

Grandeur Beach Resort
Lambug Beach, Badian

Magic's Place
Lambug Beach, Badian

La Playa Beach Resort
Brgy. Matutinao, Badian

Matutinao Beach Resort
Brgy. Matutinao, Badian

Excited for the first jump

What to do

Visit the white beaches of Badian. Lambug Beach is a kept secret by the locals, while Matutinao Beach is a smaller scale white sand beach more accessible from the town and to Kawasan Falls. Bum all afternoon or swim on its refreshing water. You may snacks on favorite Filipino treats such as ihaw being sold on its long stretch shore. Have a couple of drinks while watching the afternoon. You also may rent a small paddle boat to enjoy your stay here.

Canyoneering is the town crowned attraction. The four hour adventure along Kanlaob and Matutinao river down to Kawasan Falls is every adrenaline junkie's dream adventure. There are a lot of local guides that offer this activity, and some can be arrange once you get to Badian or prior your travel to Cebu.

For more information about canyoneering you find it here.

Some water acrobatics during canyoneering

Kawasan falls is already synonymous to the town's name. The grand, towering falls and its blue water are picture perfect. You may rent a raft to get up close to its rushing water, or have a lunch beside the falls after a tiring canyoneering. Just avoid the usual weekend crowd to enjoy its refreshing water.

Moalboal is just a few kilometers from Badian, which houses a number of diving schools and centers. You may also opt to visit neighboring Pescador Island to see the sardines run under the ocean.

Kawasan Falls

Tips and Tricks

  1. There are nipa huts that can be rented on Lambug Beach.
  2. If you want to experience Canyoneering, we highly recommend Highland Adventure. You may contact them at 09179508750
  3. A trip to Kawasan Falls is already included in the canyoneering activity, though one may opt to just visit the Kawasan Falls.
  4. Kawasan falls can be reached from Dalaguete via a two hour traverse of Osmena Peak.
  5. Get ready for an action packed / terrifying habal-habal ride.
  6. There are stores and eateries along Lambug Beach, but the market is also just a walk from the town proper.
  7. From Cebu City, if you opt to directly go canyoneering, you can ask the bus driver to drop you off the Matutinao Chapel.
  8. If you're into exotic foods, you should try their fresh caught Saang.
  9. There are gears for canyoning such as shoes and vest that you can borrow free of charge, but they are a bit worn out due frequent use, so if you prefer bring your own gears you may do so.
One of the highest jump during canyoneering.

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