Lokal Byahero: Dennis Gacutan

Distance won't come between you and your passion, specially the love for your homeland. Dennis Gacutan or Dencio maybe miles away from the Philippines but he makes the most of it while he was here. He traveled the far-flung areas of the Philippines; rafted on its rapids, trekked its slope, and swam its salt water. We've been buddies for years , inviting each other on every trips I or he organized. He is currently living and exploring the wonders of New Zealand, and his photos of travel in his social account here and abroad are a real travel-bug biter.

More about Dennis

Name: Dennis Gacutan
Alias: Dencio
Hometown: Quezon City 

1. How would you describe yourself in three words?
Fun and Adventurous

2. Tell me something about your day job, if any?
Caring for the elderly.

3. What inspired you to start visiting the different destinations in the Philippines?
Who will not be inspired by the PHL's (Philippine's) beauty?

4. With the places you’ve been, which is your favorite so far, why?
Bicol Region. It has lots of things to offer, from sumptous food, breathtaking untouched paradise and the history behind them.

5. When a friend asks you: "Take me to the most beautiful place in the Philippines." Where will you take him/her?
Calaguas to Albay

6. Travel solo or travel in group?
Group, especially with friends. I love to create memories with them that we will talk about when we age.

7. What would you consider as your dream destination?
This one is hard, maybe I'll choose the Last Frontier

8. What is your message to those who want to start traveling?
Start now.

[Interviewed by Meryl Ravelas]


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