Franco's Better Days Recreated

Filipino musician, Franco has inspired many with his amazing riffs and vocals, standing out is one of his early single entitled Better Days. Far more, it's music video counterpart has featured the laid back slash adventurous lifestyle of surfers in one of the most popular surfing spot in the country, Baler.

This personal video of 'Spirit of the Grass', a gang of rascals, amateur surfers, skaters, and wanderer have tried to remake the famed music video [sloppier and shakier version], paying homage to the musician and director of the original. Please take note, the clips recorded during the the trip were purely coincidence and was not intentionally staged to copy or re-enact the ones in the original music video. It just so happened that during editing, Rainiar saw similarities with most of the clips taken during the trip, and so pursued recreating Franco's music video. Sure, it's not 100% frame by frame duplicate, but you'll get what we mean once you play both videos at the same time. 

Some may not agree with our claim, but watching both videos, I was drawn on how amazing the video was edited as close as possible to the original, thinking that all the clips were not intentionally re-enacted. Play both video and see what we mean.

Now, don't you feel like visiting Baler and start catching waves?

Note: Music was property by MCA Music. Video is for pure personal use only.


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