The PaRK at Real, Quezon

Conveniently located 3 to 4 hours away from Manila is another coastal town in Quezon that is facing the Pacific Ocean.  In certain months or season, the tides in this eastern tip of Southern Luzon swell up to heights that are perfect for surfing. We are talking about Real, Quezon.

The Pacific Recreation Kamp or The PaRK is one of the resort in the beachfront of Real. The whole area is a camping ground over a bed of soft grass and shaded trees, perfect for pitching tents and hanging hammocks. There are also open cottages and tables for rent, a communal C.R. and shower to make the camping trip more easier. There is also a sari-sari store that can cater all your basic needs, they also sell breakfast meal, grilled hotdogs, and saba con yelo all day.

The sari-sari store that caters to all your basic needs.

Restocking for supplies is easy as the nearest market is just a few minutes drive from the PaRK. There are tricycle driver just in front of the resort (near the sari-sari store) that you can ask to bring you to the market or the further town proper. Fresh stocks of seafood are being sold in the market; they offer the usual fish and squid to a more unusual type of fish (something I forgot the name of).

Campground over a bed of soft green grass.

Getting here is easy since there are buses (Raymond Transit) directly bound to Real stationed at Sampaloc, Manila. On the other hand, private transport can easily take the Manila East road down to Real Quezon. The roads are established and well lit, but extra caution is needed since there are a lot of blind curves along the way. The travel includes a scenic view of the Sierra Madre ranges and Laguna lake.

We, coming form Cavite, entered SLEX via MCX, took the Calamba exit and traveled to Pagsanjan and to Real Quezon, same travel time of 3 to 4 hours. We also advise that 4:00 AM would be the perfect time to leave to be able to get to  Real early in the morning.

Mini half pipe / skate park.

There are a lot activities that can be done here, in addition to just beach bumming. Surfboard, skimboards, and paddle boards can be rented. There is also a mini skate park for the experienced and thrill seeker wishing to try it.

Usual rates

Additional Information:

1. Surfboard Rental

  • P200 per hour
  • P500 half day

2. A beach house can be rented

  • P7,000 whole house
  • P1200 non airconditioned room
3. Raymond Transit has 24 hours available buses bound to Real. Fare is around P200.

4. Sari-sari store is only open up until P10:00 PM

5. The PaRK usually have a lights out rule at 11:00 PM. But they allow small talks beyond time and just be mindful of other campers.

6. ATM machine is only available in Real Town Proper, look for Racquel Pawnshop near the market.


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